For FW23, we decided to work with LONSDALE on a capsule collection, exploring the ideas of masculinity from both sides of the fashion spectrum. 

The Lonsdale collaboration leaned into Queer culture deeply, with triple-stacked exposed underwear, off-the-shoulder sports jerseys, boxing boots, and even a long-line puffer coat that could have been bootleg if it weren’t for JORDANLUCA’s almost hidden monogram, along with our signature jersey kilt.

Working alongside sportswear brand Lonsdale, This collaboration commented on sex itself, as the brand is highly fetishized in British subcultures and the Queer community, it being a beacon of lad mentality, which has been reappropriated from its Y2K stereotype. As a brand we wanted to reinterpret these codes for anew audience, creating a world in which we move away from the fetishistic quality of the brand in the queer community and making it genuinely sexy & fashion forward.


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